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Space to grow

We are very lucky to have a small outside area for the children to play in. The area is set up with a range of different toys allowing the children to have greater freedom in their exploratory play.

We are very aware of the importance of encouraging healthy eating habits, so make meal times enjoyable and sociable. All food is freshly prepared on the premises using wholesome organic produce to provide a balanced and varied diet.  Daily menus are displayed for parent’s information. A typical menu may be:

            breakfast: cereal, milk, juice
            morning snack: sliced apple, dried apricots, juice
            lunch: chicken or vegetable risotto
                        fresh fruit salad and yoghurt
            afternoon snack: banana, rice cakes, milk
            tea: cheese and tomato quiche and broccoli

Special diets are also catered for. Babies have their own meals freshly prepared following their individual weaning schedules.

We provide cloth nappies for the children whilst they are at The Grove to try to do a little bit to help save the environment. Parents can provide their own nappies if they prefer.